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The 3 Most Common Causes of Landlord Stress – Solved!


There Are Three Key Areas That Cause Landlords the Most Stress

Any landlord in the Dartford and Crayford areas will no doubt say that there are pros and cons to being a landlord! However, at Livermores The Estate Agents, we’ve found that there are three key concerns that the landlords we work with cause more stress than anything else.

Here, we’ll explore these three causes of landlord stress and look at how they can be dealt with.

1. Finding A Good Tenant

Almost three-quarters of all landlords believe that finding a good tenant is either moderately difficult or extremely difficult, and it’s fair to say that for landlords in the Dartford and Crayford area especially, this can be the most stressful thing that they have to face.

When prospective tenants start expressing an interest in your property, the next step is to make sure they’re suitable. Will they be able to afford the rental payments? Are they likely to care for your property properly? A comprehensive reference check will give you some reassurance along with taking a holding deposit. We also insist on meeting potential tenants, we do not allow a tenancy to commence unless the actual tenant has visited the property and confirmed it meets their needs. We never all a tenancy to commence based upon a virtual viewing, or just a cursory glance at the internet.

2. Dealing with Maintenance Problems

Dealing with maintenance problems can be another major headache for landlords. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to keep the tenant and the property safe but it’s often difficult to arrange for maintenance work to be carried out, especially if a rapid response is required in an emergency. Not only can it be challenging to find a suitable contractor to deal with the issue, but it’s often difficult to find one who is reliable and who charges an affordable price. Our property management department is based on-site within our offices, so our landlords and tenants have direct access whenever an issue needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

3. Awareness of Legal Responsibilities

Most landlords understand that letting a property comes with some major legal implications. However, understanding all of those responsibilities as well as the actions required isn’t always straightforward. There are over a hundred laws regarding rentals, so it isn’t surprising that this is something that causes landlords a lot of stress.

Safety inspections, deposit protection, notice periods, and property licencing are just some of the legislations you’ll need to be aware of, and new laws are introduced on a regular basis. We have the knowledge and ability to deal with all the complexities of the current regulations. By using our management service, you can leave us to deal with the complications on your behalf.

Minimising Your Stress

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