Stress free completion

One of the frustrations with the system of property transfer in this country is that moving day invariably coincides with the formal completion of a sale.


Generally, the buyer cannot move out, and the seller cannot move in, until such time as the completion monies have been received by the seller’s bank, or in most cases, their solicitor’s client account. A delay to any link in a chain will have a knock-on effect which can mean that buyers are waiting with a removal truck full of their worldly possessions outside their new home, with no right to enter it.


Such delays can be caused by any number of reasons – even as apparently insignificant as a solicitor being out to lunch. If confirmation is not received until late afternoon, there may not be enough time for the removers to unload before they have to go home! They may not be able to return the following day as they might already be booked on another job!  


So, it always advisable to be packed and ready to move as early as possible on completion day so that when the completion is confirmed there are no delays. Leaving the packing to the last minute is not a good idea so please try to avoid the embarrassment of having your buyer waiting for you outside your home with their removal company!


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