To sell, or not to sell, that is the question.

One question we asked at least once a day by potential sellers is ‘is this the right time to sell our property’, our reply is always the same, which is…. ‘is this the right time for you?’

Everyone has different circumstances and requirements, we all reach certain times of our lives when big decisions have to be made, but the fundamental basics of the property market remain relatively constant and that is if you sell when prices are rising, the chances are you will pay more for a related purchase and if you sell in what could be perceived as a buyers’ market, you will pay less for a related purchase.  

So, if you are considering whether or not this is the right time, just ask yourself the same question and decide if this the right time for you.

The reasons for selling property are many and varied and every potential seller has their own personal reasons for doing so.

As experienced agents we know never tell people what to do, we give information on what the property market is like and we let our customers decide.

What we are very good at is being on top of current market trends and reacting very quickly to change if needed. The property market reacts to many factors we pride ourselves on assisting clients with the benefit of our knowledge.

There are so many important factors to consider when selling a property, so, if you’re selling your home in the Dartford and Crayford areas, contact us for a market appraisal in the first instance.  As experts in the local property market, you can rely on us to handle your sale professionally and efficiently. Call our Dartford office on 01322228090 or our Crayford office on 01322 550777 or send an email at